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Watch our webinar: What to Consider When Starting a Data Science Project

Are you as clever as a cucumber farmer in Japan in optimising your business processes? Learn how even the world of pickles are being impacted by deep learning, and what you can do to ensure you keep up with the pace of change that machine learning and artificial intelligence bring.

Watch our recent webinar “What to Consider When Starting a Data Science Project” hosted by Data Mettle co-founder and data scientist Jeremy Mitchell.

In this webinar we address:

  • The type of tasks and problems that are best to tackle with AI and machine learning
  • How to ensure the business value of the project is properly aligned and communicated to the data science team so that you make the best use of their expertise
  • What pitfalls to avoid so that you are responsible with the data and models you create

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Your data can tell you a lot about your customer's journey. Our services can provide you with the information and tools that you need to match your services to customers.