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Data integration and transformation

Analytics is made much more viable and efficient when data is brought together in one unified view, and processed into a useful format.

_data integration

Is your data stored in several different places, to that it’s difficult to even start analysing it? Data that is integrated and organised into a coherent structure of databases, schemas and views makes it much easier to do any kind of analytics, be it dashboards, reports, ad-hoc analysis or machine learning models.

_data processing

Raw data often comes in formats that are difficult to view and work with. They are not necessarily optimised for analytics, requiring the user to perform various cleaning and transformation steps. Some of this work is time-consuming and unnecessary. Our data scientists can help with creating ETL scripts that perform the required transformations, scheduling them to run automatically in the background, so that users can work with cleaned and processed data.

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Your data can tell you a lot about your customer's journey. Our services can provide you with the information and tools that you need to match your services to customers.