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Data analysis and insight gathering

Do you want to get more out of your data? Our data scientists are well-versed in statistical techniques to explore and interrogate data sets, deriving insights that can be key to understanding your business. 

_data exploration

One of the first steps in data analysis is exploring the data, attempting to discover any patterns, trends, anything unusual in the data that is worth a deeper dive into. Techniques used here can range from simple data munging and calculations, to the application of sophisticated statistical techniques. The data exploration phase also often yields information into data quality, whether any data appears missing or unreliable, and can inspire ideas into future machine learning and data analytics projects.

_asking and answering questions

One of the best ways to make use of data is to ask questions of it. Perhaps you already have a question you would like answered, for example, Which products have the highest customer conversion? or Which markets are fastest growing? We can focus our analysis efforts to help you answer these business questions. As data scientists, we are experienced at formulating these questions as well. All we need is to understand your business goals and aims so that we may best support them with data analytics.

_actionable insights

Turning data into actionable insights is where the true value of data lies. A large amount of information can be drawn out from data, but further analysis is usually required to distill this information down into useful conclusions that are directly relevant for decision-making. This often involves framing the right questions, in data-centric terms, and using the right analytics tools to answer these questions. Obtaining actionable insights from data allows an organisation to be more data-driven, to optimise their planning and performance.

_automated analysis

Analysis and data insights are presented to you in the form of a report, dashboard or other customised web apps, depending on your needs. For analysis that is required to be performed repeatedly (for example, every month), it is more efficient to source the data automatically and run automated scripts to perform the analysis. This means that the front-end user simply sees the updated analysis as soon as new data is made available. Dashboards are a good tool for this purpose. Read more about them here.

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