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Data Mettle was founded on the knowledge that information is an amazing asset that is often under-utilised or too complicated to drive change. We wanted to change this and make it easy for businesses and people to get the value and full potential from their data. We have the experience and the know-how to help.

Why we started

Like so many good ideas, Data Mettle was hatched over umpteen cups of coffee. Paula had spent years in data driven organisations where data was a highly valued commodity but using it to its full potential often proved challenging. On the flipside, Jeremy is a data geek through and through. He’s spent much of his lifetime solving complex data problems, from using spacecraft data to high end commercial and business data. We wanted to marry these up and make data science accessible. Our idea was to work with people to provide uncomplicated and insightful data science solutions that would drive business and social change.

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Good scientific practices can help you design and evaluate your projects, and rigorous statistical models can give you the evidence base for decision making.