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We are your data science team

Data science is a hot subject right now, but knowing what it can do for you and where to begin can be difficult. We started Data Mettle to enable people to begin their data science journey. We have worked in data science for some of the top tech companies in the UK and are dedicated to giving you helpful, insightful and people focused data products.

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Whether you want to talk to us about what data science can do for you, need support with building an in-house data science team or want solutions tailored to your specific needs, we can help.

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We craft data science products that give your business an edge. Talk to us about how we can use your ideas to build machine learning, big data, intelligent algorithms and statistical products that can automate your processes, optimise services, give you insights into your customers and much more.

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We partner with you to become your own, trusted, in-house expertise. We are your on-tap technical team that can provide you with regular or ad-hoc specialist advice on how to approach data projects, support with ideas, development and planning, or help creating and developing your new data science team.

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Can’t see the wood for the trees with your data? We’ll work with you to develop your data strategy and make sure you are using your data to its full advantage.

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Engagement is intrinsically linked to your data science. Beautiful data science solutions become powerful when people can use them to create organisational or cultural change.

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Your data can tell you a lot about your customer’s journey. Our services can provide you with the information and tools that you need to match your services to customers.