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A Data Science Workshop for BerryWorld

Data Science Data Mettle Workshop Training Testimonial

BerryWorld are a leading business in international berry breeding and marketing, and have been operating for over 20 years. As their business has grown, so too has their desire to utilise their data to maximise their business output and to streamline their processes, which is where we came in. They recently expanded their Data Science team and invited us to come in and run a workshop to bring additional expertise and to assess some of the main challenges and questions they were facing from a new perspective.

Before the data science workshop, their Data Science team provided us with a list of questions that they were struggling with or particularly interested in addressing, so the day started by going through this list. The questions were quite general by design, and a main priority for the team was the provision of unbiased answers that were not specifically tailored to their specific tech stack or problems. This approach enabled a side-by-side comparison to their own solutions and workflows, and to thereby assess how our recommendations compared to their approach, with the aim being to expand their toolkit with more practical and straightforward solutions. The topics we covered were broad in scope, ranging from recommended tooling, to delivery and deployment of Data Science solutions.

The rest of the day was spent addressing specific business problems. This turned into a very successful brainstorming session with input from all sides. Effective Data Science solutions requires extensive domain knowledge, which they have an ample supply of. Our role was to provide an outside perspective and creative thinking, so in collaboration with the team, we were able to come up with several promising approaches to their problems.

At the end of a very enjoyable and fruitful day we had covered a wide range of technical topics, and the experts at BerryWorld were equipped with fresh ideas and solutions to apply to their data. In their own words:

“We think your suggestions to our workflow and approach to solving problems in the business was insightful and will be a useful benchmark with the direction we will look to take in the future. We liked you did it in a quite informal way which helped to explain our and your ideas as well.” Sergio Astorga, Lead Data Scientist, BerryWorld

Data Mettle is growing

2018 started at pace and with numerous projects underway we were really delighted to welcome a couple of much anticipated new faces to our team!

Johan Kåhrström Data Scientist Data Mettle
Dr Johan Kåhrström, Chief Data Scientist, Data Mettle

Our new Chief Data Scientist, Dr Johan Kåhrström, finally arrived. Jeremy and Johan have had the opportunity of working together previously and we were incredibly pleased when he agreed to join our leadership team.

Johan is a passionate and experienced technical leader, who will be shaping the direction of our technical growth and building a curious, diverse and engaged team. Johan has an enormous array of data science and machine learning experience, and we are excited about getting him out into the community to talk about what he knows.

James Ahn Data Science Data Mettle
James Ahn, Outreach Manager, Data Mettle

We were also fortunate to have James Ahn start as our new Outreach Manager. James will be regularly reaching out to our community and customers, ensuring we communicate all the interesting projects we’re up to and all the other interesting stuff the team chat about and want to share more widely. First up will be some short films on our recent work and more background on what we do.

We are working towards developing a culture which encourages balance, personal life and diversity within the team. James is working with us part time while he finishes off his Economics degree and we were very happy to support him with flexible working.

We started Data Mettle with the mission to use scientific curiosity and ingenuity to tackle real world challenges, we are now growing with an amazing team to achieve this and we couldn’t be happier!

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